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Product name:

Order number:

XI/ON, 2 digital outputs, 24 Vdc, 2A

Product types:
Remote I/O

Technology & Profiles:

Certification number:

Eaton Industries GmbH

Hein-Moeller-Str. 7-11
53115 Bonn

Paolo D'Amico
Tel +49 (0)22 8602 1891

Product description:

XI/ON, digital output module, 2-channel, positive switching output, short-circuit proof. Design: slice. The module must be operated with a Gateway (1.5 MBits/s, order no.: 225162 or 12 MBits/s, order no.: 225161). XI/ON modules are addressed exclusively via the Gateway Conditions for use according to § 4 of the EMC directive(EN 61131-2). Connection technology/dimensions for base element and electronics module (w/l/h in mm) - 2-/3- wire base element, tension clamp connection, order no.: 225195; 12.6/117.6/73.1 - 4- wire base element, tension clamp connection, order no.: 225196; 12.6/128.9/73.1 - 2-/3- wire base element, screw-type connection (available in October 2000), order no.: 225207; 12.6/117.6/73.1 - 4- wire base element, screw-type connection (available in October 2000), order no.: 225208; 12.6/128.9/73.1 Technical data: - 2 outputs, 24 Vdc, 2 A - Potential isolation: Optocoupler - Nominal voltage (from power supply terminal: 24 V DC - Nominal current consumption from supply terminal: < 50mA (when load current=0) - Nominal current consumption from module bus: < 40 mA - Switching frequency: resistive load: 5 kHZ (RL < 1 kOhm) lamp load: 10Hz - Operating temperature: 0 to +55 °C - Storage temperature: -25 to +85 °C - relative humidity: 5 to 95%(indoor), Level RH-2, no condensation - Protection class: IP 20 (according to IEC 529)

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Le nostre tecnologie

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