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PROFINET TRIAL Test Bundle (including ETS, TSN and PA)



The PROFINET TRIAL Test Bundle supports the development of PROFINET over TSN interfaces for field devices, as well as the development of PROFINET PA field devices.

The goal of this bundle is to get used to the new environment that consists of ART application and ETS – HW that provides a real-time environment for tests.

The bundle includes some test cases covering Time Synchronization via IEEE 802.1AS-2020 and RSI. Additionally, some migrated test cases from Standard PROFINET Certification ART to ETS are included.

The test cases from Standard PROFINET Certification based on ART are also included and may have an increased test coverage or may be changed because of Bugfixes.

Supported MAU Type: 1 GBit FullDuplex; 100Mbit FullDuplex; 10MBit FullDuplex

Supports silicon revision 2 of AM65x industrial development kit (TMDX654IDKEVM)

This bundle is not for official device certification! It is just for trial and providing feedback.

For additional information see the included documents.

For support or feedback, please contact PN-TS-Support(at)oth-aw(dot)de

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PROFIBUS è un sistema di comunicazione digitale standardizzato ed aperto, utilizzabile in tutte le aree di applicazione, dal manifatturiero al processo.

PROFINET è l'innovativo standard aperto per l'Industrial Ethernet. E' in grado di soddisfare tutti i requisiti necessari per le applicazioni di automazione industriale.

IO-LINK è la prima tecnologia IO standardizzata a livello mondiale (IEC 61131-9) per comunicare con sensori ed attuatori sotto il livello di comunicazione del bus di campo. Può essere integrata con PROFIBUS e PROFINET.