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Data Test Specification Ethernet-APL



This test plan has been developed to help implementers to evaluate the functionality of the PMA, PCS, PHY Control, and Auto-Negotiation sublayer of their 10BASE-T1L products. These tests are  predicated on the assumption that the underlying silicon device has met all IEEE and Ethernet–APL  conformance requirements, leaving the tests in this test plan to address those aspects of an Ethernet–APL Device that may impact the compliance of the underlying silicon, and/or, are deemed essential to validate in the final Ethernet–APL Device.

These tests are designed to determine if a product conforms to specifications defined in the IEEE  STD. 802.3cg-2019 Standard for 10BASE-T1L as implemented in an Ethernet–APL Device. Successful  completion of all tests contained in this suite does not guarantee that the tested device will operate with other devices. However, combined with satisfactory completion of the additionally required test plans, these tests provide a reasonable level of confidence that the Device Under Test (DUT) will function properly in many Ethernet–APL environments.

Version: 1.0
Order No.: 2.672
Language: English

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