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Radio receiver TFE-54PRN

Product name:
Radio receiver TFE-54PRN

Order number:

Radio receiver for radio remote control. Useable for all radio transmitter by Teletec. Available for different ISM frequency bands.

Product types:
Remote I/O

Technology & Profiles:

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Ostendstr. 25 / Haus 3
12459 Berlin

Alexander Brenner
Tel +49 30 5304 1900

Product description:

Radio receiver TFE-54PRN


The radio receiver TFE-54PRN (for hoists and special applications) together with the corresponding transmitter is suitable for remote controlling machines and fulfills the task to receive and output control commands and the stop command wirelessly. The receiver sends the received control commands via a Profinet interface, two stop relays and a release output.


- 2-Port Profinet IO/IRT - Slave Interface and 1 separate output contact

- 2 separated emergency stop contacts

- Supply voltage: 8-36 VDC

- Connectors: 1 x M12-8p-Acode; 2 x M12-5p-Dcode

- Frequency range: 433.075 to 434.750 MHz / 869.725 to 869.975 MHz / 2.4 GHz

- RF sensitivity:  -112 / -108 / -100 dBm for BER≤10-7

- Operational temperature:  -20 to +60 °C

- Protection class:  IP65

- Dimensions without connector and antenna (W x H x D): 140 x 110 x 61 mm

- Weight:  900g

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Le nostre tecnologie

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