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EP3E high-precision servo drive

Product name:
EP3E high-precision servo drive

Order number:

The MAXSINE EP3E high-precision servo drives offer standard motors with power from 50W to 15KW.

Product types:
Drives – Servo Drive

Technology & Profiles:

Application class(es):
Servo Drive (AC4)

Certification number:

Wuhan Maxsine Electric Co.,Ltd.

A6,Huangyu Building,No.7 Wuda Science park Road,Donghu Development District,Wuhan,China
430223 Wuhan

Wuhan Maxsine Electric Co.,Ltd.
Tel +86-027-97920040

Product description:

The MAXSINE EP3E high-precision servo drives offer standard motors with power from 50W to 15KW. This broad variety of drive systems covers all market demands with regard to compact size, high dynamics, high efficiency, low maintenance and outstanding reliability.


EP3E AC servo driver uses advanced control algorithm and IPM intelligent module, which can realize the precise position of the digital control. The brake resistor ,DC reactor terminal and the USB communication interface could be connected with EP3E series AC servo driver.


Outstanding performance

Input voltage: 220V and 380V;

Interface: PROFINET IRT;

Minimum communication cycle : 250us ;

Synchronization jitter: <1us;

Position control:current loop 62.5us;  position loop125us.

Automatic notch filter can suppress vibration;

Digital I/Os;

Status/diagnostic LEDs;

Encoder interface support Tamagawa, Nikon, BissC, Yuheng etc.

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Le nostre tecnologie

PROFIBUS è un sistema di comunicazione digitale standardizzato ed aperto, utilizzabile in tutte le aree di applicazione, dal manifatturiero al processo.

PROFINET è l'innovativo standard aperto per l'Industrial Ethernet. E' in grado di soddisfare tutti i requisiti necessari per le applicazioni di automazione industriale.

IO-LINK è la prima tecnologia IO standardizzata a livello mondiale (IEC 61131-9) per comunicare con sensori ed attuatori sotto il livello di comunicazione del bus di campo. Può essere integrata con PROFIBUS e PROFINET.