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PROFINET - Test Specification




This document covers the test specifications and the certification procedures for PROFINET devices, PROFINET Controller and active network components.
It refers to the tests for the above mentioned devices that have to be performed for conformance class A (CC-A), B (CC-B) and C (CC-C) devices for getting a test report.

With such a test report the manufacturer applies for the mandatory certificate.

Use of the PROFINET trademark, test and certification
PNO is entitled to grant licenses in respect of the trademark "PROFINET" (word formation trademark) applied for in the Federal Republic of Germany and in respect of all corresponding applications and/or registrations outside Germany (referred to hereinafter collectively as "TRADEMARK").
The Member is entitled, following certification of its equipment by PNO, to use the TRADEMARK on such certified equipment, relevant documentation, promotional material etc.
In order to obtain such a certificate the Member must have its equipment put through a certification test at a test laboratory accredited by PNO.
Once the certification test has been passed to the satisfaction of PNO, PNO shall issue certification to the Member.
The Member shall not in any country initiate any applications in respect of the TRADEMARK or any other trademarks that might be mistaken for it.
If the Member is intending to sell his certified products in countries in which PNO has no trademark application or registration, the parties shall agree upon which party shall bear the costs arising from such applications.
It is understood that this agreement does not provide the Member with any right in respect of the Trademark other than that of using the TRADEMARK in accordance with the provisions of this agreement, and that the Member shall not, out of use of the TRADEMARK, derive any claims against PNO.

Version: 2.42
Order No.: 2.572
Language: English






of Testspec




(first day for "application for certification test")


(last day for "application for certification test")


EOT + 6 month (real stop for certification)







V2.43 2022-07-29* 2023-08-31* 2024-02-28* V2.41 /
V2.42 /
V2.4 1/
V2.42 /

V2.42  Jan. 2021








V2.4 /
V2.41 /


V2.4 /
V2.41 /














                   * Expected, but not yet decided!




New Draft for review:


Version: d2.43
Order No.: 2.572
Language: English

This draft is published for testing and review only. It must not be used for development purposes.

The file "Diff_Testspec-PN_2V42_to_2d43.pdf" shows the differences to the current version.

The final PROFINET test specification is included in the PROFINET test bundle, too.

 PROFINET Test Bundle

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01/03/2021 Testspec-PN_2572_V242_Jan21.pdf pdf 789 KB
02/11/2021 Testspec-PN_2572_d243_Oct21.pdf pdf 987 KB
02/11/2021 Diff_Testspec-PN_2V42_to_2d43.pdf pdf 887 KB

Le nostre tecnologie

PROFIBUS è un sistema di comunicazione digitale standardizzato ed aperto, utilizzabile in tutte le aree di applicazione, dal manifatturiero al processo.

PROFINET è l'innovativo standard aperto per l'Industrial Ethernet. E' in grado di soddisfare tutti i requisiti necessari per le applicazioni di automazione industriale.

IO-LINK è la prima tecnologia IO standardizzata a livello mondiale (IEC 61131-9) per comunicare con sensori ed attuatori sotto il livello di comunicazione del bus di campo. Può essere integrata con PROFIBUS e PROFINET.