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TI Toolkit for PROFINET Device AM64x EVM (powered by Kunbus)

Product name:
TI Toolkit for PROFINET Device AM64x EVM (powered by Kunbus)

AM64x GP EVM development platform for evaluating Sitara AM64x processor including PROFINET (TMDS64GPEVM)

Product types:
Remote I/O, Enabling Technology, other PROFINET Device

Technology & Profiles:

Certification number:


P.O. Box 655474, MS 3999
75265 Dallas
United States

Texas Instruments Incorporated
Tel 49 711 400 91 500

Product description:

The AM64x EVM is a standalone test, development, and evaluation module (EVM) that lets developers evaluate AM64x's functionality and develop prototypes for a variety of applications. The EVM is equipped with a SitaraTM AM6442 processor along with additional components to allow the user to make use of the various device interfaces including Industrial Ethernet, standard Ethernet, PCIe, Fast Serial Interface (FSI) and others to easily create prototypes. AM64x is an extension of Sitara’s industrial-grade family of heterogeneous Arm® Cortex® processors.

The PROFINET example application provides a basic understanding of how the PNIO Stack can be configured and handled. The application initializes and configures the board and the system hardware. It handles the process data, occasional callback requests from the stack, LED status updates and permanent data operations.

AM64x is built for industrial applications, such as motor drives and Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs), which require a unique combination of real-time processing and communications with applications processing. AM64x combines two instances of Sitara’s gigabit TSN-enabled PRU-ICSSG with up to two Cortex-A53 cores, up to four Cortex-R5F MCUs, and a Cortex-M4F MCU. PRU-ICSSG firmware and Arm-based software provide the flexible industrial communications capability necessary to run gigabit TSN or various popular industrial Ethernet protocols. In addition, the PRU-ICSSG also enables additional interfaces in the SoC including sigma delta decimation filters and absolute encoder interfaces. Software Development Kits (SDKs) for the AM64x may be downloaded from TI for a quick start to evaluation and development.

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PROFIBUS è un sistema di comunicazione digitale standardizzato ed aperto, utilizzabile in tutte le aree di applicazione, dal manifatturiero al processo.

PROFINET è l'innovativo standard aperto per l'Industrial Ethernet. E' in grado di soddisfare tutti i requisiti necessari per le applicazioni di automazione industriale.

IO-LINK è la prima tecnologia IO standardizzata a livello mondiale (IEC 61131-9) per comunicare con sensori ed attuatori sotto il livello di comunicazione del bus di campo. Può essere integrata con PROFIBUS e PROFINET.